April 03, 2018

...classic t-shirts. 

What collection would be complete without an essential t-shirt? So we created the Essentials of GOODSOUL. These t-shirts are designed and individually heat pressed here in Seattle. While we could produce in bulk we chose to employ local talent and labor to bring these inspired designs to your back.

The essentials line of garments will focus primarily on items that establish a base to an overall look/ feel.

Have fun.   

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Upcoming drop...3 weeks out

April 17, 2018

We love the french terry cotton fabric...and will soon release a short sleeve 3/4 zip inspired by tennis meets the sun

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GOODSOUL Moped Thrills

April 12, 2018

Second to flying is...two wheels on the ground...cruising at minimum 30 miles per hour.

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GOODSOUL not Good Souls

April 03, 2018

GOODSOUL is all caps. GOODSOUL is individualistic. GOODSOUL is you.

#GOODSOUL or #goodsoul on social mediums.

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GOODSOUL, also known as GDSL is a collection of hand cut garments designed by Mark Michael and his collaborators, Ashley Hayes, Gibran Hamdan. Each piece is released as produced - sign up to be notified of the latest drop.