From our Founder (2/21/2018)

I heard someone say “as long as one person remembers you, you can live forever.” This short statement took GOODSOUL from art project to collection(s) of hand-crafted sweatshirts and t-shirts (for now).

Designs are born from travels, the ruthlessly individualistic people that sport GOODSOUL and the idea that truly timeless - means forever.

Signature patterns hand cut from 100% Cotton French Terry, designed in Seattle and finished South of the City (SODO).

We like to say GDSL is the best in the business. We know you will agree.

Nothing lasts, have fun!

-Mark Michael

GOODSOUL, also known as GDSL is a collection of hand cut garments designed by Mark Michael and his collaborators, Ashley Hayes, Gibran Hamdan. Each piece is released as produced - sign up to be notified of the latest drop.