Goodsoul 30 day challenge


Goodsoul 30 day challenge

Goodsoul 30 day challenge

Paint something BIG

Find out how to paint a mural in your neighborhood or community. Art builds. So reach out and find out A.) how to get permission to paint and B.) make a plan on what you want to say with your big art painting.

YOU DON”T HAVE TO BE A GOOD ARTIST TO SPEAK. Keep it simple, don’t try to be Michelangelo. This also might mean you slow your life down and take time to learn some art technique. Thankfully is 2019 where YouTube, Skillshare, and other exist to help guide you into greatness or your next side hustle.

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GOODSOUL, also known as GDSL is a collection of hand cut garments designed by Mark Michael and his collaborators, Ashley Hayes, Gibran Hamdan. Each piece is released as produced - sign up to be notified of the latest drop.