Goodsoul 30 day challenge


Goodsoul 30 day challenge

Goodsoul 30 day challenge

Join A Cause

Warning. This is only for those who give a shit. If you’re reading this or a client of GOODSOUL I would assume that you do. Just had to weed out the bad eggs.

Did you know you can JOIN a cause without having to show up anywhere, talk to tree hugging hippies or politicians? Let me help you step out of that box you’re hiding in.

Joining a cause means having an opinion or vision about a subject and acting on that opinion or vision to create change. Which usually leads to progress or in some cases (take our current racist social environment for example) causes us to take a few steps back.

What cause do you feel most passionate about? Education changes? Gender equality? The right to own guns? Whatever. The cause doesn’t matter (that’s yo prerogative). What matters is WHAT talents can you bring to the cause and HOW you can use those to influence change.

FOR EXAMPLE: I graphic designer friend decided he was tired of gun violence. So he planned out 10 + graphic design posts just for fun to put on his IG. Low and behold a few of them caught a few thousand fancies and his work is now printed on mugs, tee shirts and I’m sure pinned on walls somewhere. Sometimes messages can change minds or hearts. Talent: Graphic Designer Used: to create inspiring illustrations with important messages

ANOTHER EXAMPLE: A girlfriend who is a trained social worker decided she wanted to feed the homeless in exchange for a story. She not only fed people but made them feel less invisible by listening to them speak their story. AND she wrote an article about her findings (no names were named in it for protection). The article was an astounding contrast to what most people judge or think of the homeless. It’s a community. Talent: Making PBJ sandos Used: to make people feel less human and tell their story to change perspective

You’re talented in some way. What strength do you have that you could use to leave this world a better place? We’d love to hear your ideas AND, if possible, help!! Tag #GOODSOULCAUSE

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