Goodsoul 30 day challenge


Goodsoul 30 day challenge

Goodsoul 30 day challenge

Host a dinner party

Build your tribe and hone in on your party making skills. Food brings us together, builds memories and creates culture around, not only the meal, but the entire hosting experience. There’s an old saying that who you feed is your family and your enemies. While I admit I’d enjoy food poisoning a few enemies nothing makes me feel more connected to my friends, OR helps me make new ones than hosting DINNER.

It’s a fruitful time of year. Skip the major grocery stores and head out to a local farmers market, local butcher, unique cheese shop, bakery (you get the picture) and carve a flavorful palet for you and your guests. You’ll not only taste the difference AND you’re giving back to the community in which you want to build.

Put some effort into entertaining. FIND JOY in the journey. Dinner is more than just cooking. Back in the old well to do days guests would enjoy music, art or games before and after the dinners. LET’S BRING THAT SHIT BACK! This is a great way to expand your own mind or comfort zone while engaging with friends or even new people. Invite musicians to play, curate a playlist of unknown artists, throw a live painting party, take polaroids, live read some cool shit, watch ted talks or indie short films (LUNA FEST has some sick short films out right now).

Invite outside your inner friend group. My fav dinner party was with an AIRBNB host who invited 5 people who didn’t know each other and they had to invite 5 more people who didn’t know each other either. We all keep in touch 4 years later. All from different fields, different cultures, different mentalities. We cannot grow our minds if we do not change routine. Find new GOOD SOUL’S. They’re everywhere :)

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