Goodsoul 30 day challenge


Goodsoul 30 day challenge

Goodsoul 30 day challenge

Launch an idea

I bet you a 100 bucks you’ve said “I had that idea years ago but never did anything with it”. TIMES UP! Grab your laptop, notebook, typewriter and jot that idea down. Even if you never act on it, write it down (it’s cathartic). And there are a millions ways to write a business plan down but here’s some simple prompts to get you started.

Why it will succeed:
Who it benefits:
What do you have to do first:
How much it will cost:
What is your timeline:
What is your end goal:
What is your mantra:
How much time will you spend working on this per week:
Do you need a business partner:
Are you breaking the law:

JK on the last one but not really. Starting a business or even failing at one is one of THE MOST exhilarating experiences out there (take our advice. The two GoodSoul founders are badass boss business owners). You learn so much about yourself including emotional capacity, self awareness and your approach to others. FEAR not of failure. The only failure is to never have started.


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