Goodsoul 30 day challenge


Goodsoul 30 day challenge

Goodsoul 30 day challenge

30 Day Social Media Detox

I want you to start off with one day. In one day when you catch yourself clicking on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook stop and fill that time with something else. Second part - in the notes section of your phone, jot down what you chose to do other than social.

Day two - I challenge you to research new topics on the web when you reach for social. Yup, every time. No shopping, texting or calling. Think of random things to research like the history of your community, local shows in your area, history of political party you affiliate with, up and coming authors or fashion designers or entrepreneur minds.

Day three - Make a new Pinterest board (or one for the first time). Every time you’re drawn to other peoples lives hop onto Pinterest and research: feminist illustrations, black and white vintage photos, old westerns, popular musicians, or random famous peoples name. Get lost down the path of art & culture and find where it leads!

Day four - Research stocks.

Day five - Look up events in your city for that week. Plan out a few gatherings or fun solo things to explore and do.

Day six - You get the point. Imagine where you could be in a week if you put that social media energy into something fruitful. Not saying social can’t help you explore or understand OR feel inspired. We’re just trying to expand your hand time ;)

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