Goodsoul 30 day challenge


Goodsoul 30 day challenge

Goodsoul 30 day challenge

Travel Somewhere

Changing up your surroundings, especially to new destinations, can inspire new ideas/thoughts/way of looking at the world. Which in turn inspires growth and progress. And if you're already here on the GoodSoul website, that means A. you’re not boring and B. you’re inspired by growth and progress.

So hop on google flights, or maps and plan, not a vacation, but a destination for growth.

It doesn’t have to be far. It doesn’t have to be expensive. It doesn’t have to be new.

Here are our suggestions:

Mexico City - A city rivaling Paris these days with it’s bohemian vibes and attraction to world class thinkers and art makers (so basically good souls).

Utah National Parks - Fly into Vegas, have dinner, see a show. Then rent a car and head to Utah’s GORGEOUS national parks. Spend at the very least 4 days roaming a few spots or hell, take two weeks for all we care. Send photos.

Local small towns - Recently a couple told me their fav thing to do is find old, small towns (think ghost towns, or country dive bar type places) and make a weekend out of it. Motels or camping, dive bars and bonding with locals while eating at the diner. I realize it’s not fancy but you never know what you’re going to learn.

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