April 03, 2018

...the beginning. 

This whole idea really began with a simple quote. Behind that quote was 35 years of life - that I wanted to give thanks for. And while no one person is perfect the idea that a GOODSOUL is unique unto the individual - we plowed forward. Starting with a few simple screen-printed t-shirts designed here in Seattle. Eventually led us looking into decades past to design garments that were relevant for today but would last - enter the humble sweatshirt.

Born in 1919 the sweatshirt adorns rockers, rollers, climbers, artists, actors, actresses, athletes, misfits, skaters, philanthropists, magnets, moguls and tycoons. The comfort of a sweatshirt is not lost on those who sport it to travel, work, brunch and play. And we believe that Cotton French Terry is the best fabric for a signature GOODSOUL sweatshirt.

So while the designs will vary the quality sweatshirt under House of GOODSOUL will remain the same. 


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Upcoming drop...3 weeks out

April 17, 2018

We love the french terry cotton fabric...and will soon release a short sleeve 3/4 zip inspired by tennis meets the sun

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GOODSOUL Moped Thrills

April 12, 2018

Second to flying is...two wheels on the ground...cruising at minimum 30 miles per hour.

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GOODSOUL not Good Souls

April 03, 2018

GOODSOUL is all caps. GOODSOUL is individualistic. GOODSOUL is you.

#GOODSOUL or #goodsoul on social mediums.

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GOODSOUL, also known as GDSL is a collection of hand cut garments designed by Mark Michael and his collaborators, Ashley Hayes, Gibran Hamdan. Each piece is released as produced - sign up to be notified of the latest drop.